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Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning and properly maintaining your homes air conditioning will improve your indoor air quality and protect your family’s health and safety.


Air Duct Cleaning

An accumulation of debris within the ducts blocks airflow, placing added strain on cooling/heating equipment, and leading to higher energy bills, hot/cold spots, and more frequent malfunction.

Alpha Air provides professional duct cleaning services throughout Orlando, FL. Our factory authorized professionals take advantage of industry leading technology to access the entirety of the system without causing damage or mess.

We’re the team to know for top-class comfort and results, and we are completely dedicated to bringing you the best AC service a company can deliver!


Remove Dust

When your air conditioner circulates air through your home, it also spreads dust from dirty air ducts. Minimize allergies and dust by having your ducts cleaned.


Reduce Utility Costs

Dirt buildup affects the efficiency of your air conditioner and causes it to work longer and harder in order to circulate air around your home. A professional cleaning improves efficiency and reduces energy costs.

Why choose us?

We provide Indoor Air Quality audits for our customers throughout Central Florida, determining the exact nature of concerns and developing a customized strategy for improvement. 

We guide you through each step, verify integrity of ductwork, avoid damage to the home, properly handle any discarded equipment, and take the time to familiarize you with operation of your new system. 

Alpha Air offers a rewarding selection of industry-leading and award-winning options to handle any challenge.  

Along with ideal and consistent temperature, these modern systems allow personalized comfort, simplified management, and unmatched energy savings.

We are Fully Compromise with Quality

With our expertise, we can take care of all your HVAC needs. At Alpha Air, all of our service technicians are highly trained experts in energy efficient solutions.

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What People Are Saying

I am so glad we called Alpha. Their technicians were very knowledgeable and we had our AC fixed the same day.

Kate Henderson

Their price was the best one we found! We have recommended Alpha to our neighbors and everybody was super happy with the service.

Claudia Hernandez

Very professional, affordable and quick response. We had air air ducts cleaned and we can breath the difference.

Rodney Brown

Amazing service! I am so glad we had our ducts cleaned with Alpha.

Joe Kennedy

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