AC Repair in Orlando

Complete AC repair service

Alpha Air's licensed technicians cover all aspects of AC repair. You can count on our team to fully diagnose your system before beginning AC repair. Additionally, each service call includes a 26 point inspection. Our inspections ensure all parts of your HVAC system are working to factory specifications. After our inspection, you will have complete knowledge of your AC system.

As part of our AC Repair protocol, Alpha Air checks all components of your system, including:

The Compressor

Cooling Coils


Controls / Thermostat

Safety Controls


Duct Work


Overall System Operation

Through leading-edge technology, a comprehensive inventory of genuine replacement parts, and a team of factory trained professionals, we resolve the majority of problems in a single visit.

Weak Airflow

Is air coming out of the vent sluggishly or not at all? Check your air filter first, but if it’s squared away, then it’s time to schedule Orlando's best AC repair team.

High cooling costs

Higher-than-usual energy costs are often the first sign of a growing issue. All things considered, we recommend a system check now which avoids a catastrophic complication down the line.

Loud or weird noises

In almost all cases, strange noises will mean bad, broken, or loose parts. Perhaps Don’t leave the system struggling; that will only result in more damage!

Additionally, verify integrity of ductwork, avoid damage to the home, properly handle any discarded equipment, and take the time to familiarize you with operation of your new system.

Therefore, Alpha Air offers a rewarding selection of industry-leading and award-winning options to handle any challenge.

Conversely, Along with ideal and consistent temperature, these modern systems allow personalized comfort, simplified management, and unmatched energy savings.