AC Installation

AC Installation in Orlando

Are you moving into a new location and ready for new AC Installation in Orlando? Has your AC or HVAC system worn out and is no longer functioning? A new AC system can often save you money in the long run! What's more, HVAC systems are incredibly efficient which leads to comfortable, clean and cool air! But the benefits don't stop there! There's significant long term cost savings that also come with a new AC Installation!

From time to time, a new AC unit might not be your best bet. Instead, AC Repair may be a better route to go! Our team will help you assess, present the options and put you in the decision seat to fit your comfort and financial goals!

Two air conditioner compressor units attached to the residential house

A new AC Installation can bring some of the following benefits.

Cost Savings

Comfort Control

Programmable Thermostats

Superior Airflow

Peace and Quiet Operation

Longer Operating Life

Environmental Impact

Extended Warranties on New System

Flexible Options

Increased Property Resale Value

pretty elegant woman blowing electric fan with eating watermelon to refreshing when she feeling hot and getting headache painful at home in summer season.

Don't suffer through Orlando Heat!

We will call you back in less than 1 hour! Let's get you breathing and feeling great with Alpha Air's complete AC Installation and Repair service! If you prefer, just send us a text and we will call you back! When you call, be sure to mention that you found us on our website and get a free included 26 point inspection!

We serve all areas of the greater Orlando region, including:




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College Park


Winter Springs


Winter Garden

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Winter Park

Following a successful AC installation or repair, maintenance and regular upkeep are vital steps in keeping your air quality, health and longevity of your system in tact! Without a doubt, annual maintenance will save you thousands of dollars for decades to come!