Tune Up Your AC and beat the Summer heat!

Orlando, Summer is here and it’s getting hot! Tune up your AC and enjoy a cool comfortable Summer! Don’t wait until your AC breaks to start thinking about the heat. A quick tune up and inspection can save you days of discomfort in the heat. Alpha Air Conditioning would love to help you have the peace of mind knowing your AC system is ready to take you through the heat reliably, comfortably and inexpensively!

What does Alpha Air do when we tune up your AC?

  • Temperature Check
  • Vacuum and clear all lines
  • Compressor Inspection
  • Cooling Coils Inspection
  • Refrigerant check and fill
  • Controls / Thermostat
  • Safety Inspection
  • Blower Inspection
  • Duct Work
  • Piping and Pipe Clearing
  • Overall System Operation
  • Discounts on any major work identified

Alpha Air knows Orlando

Alpha Air isn’t a large national company that thinks of you as a dollar amount or a quota. We are a local Orlando business and we are dedicated to serving our customers. As local Orlando residents ourselves, we know the unique weather and environmental factors that effect HVAC systems in this area. Whether it’s mold, constant humidity or any other unique Orlando factor, because we live in this humid environment we know how to uniquely solve AC problems that are common to Orlando.

We get jobs done right and we stand by our work. Satisfaction guaranteed! Therefore, we aren’t happy till your AC system is blowing cold air and doing so reliably!

Common signs it might be time to tune up your AC system

Drips and leaks

Drips and leaks are never a good sign. If you notice drips out of any of your vents, or significant moisture build up on your AC equipment, it’s time to give us a call. Consequently, drips and leaks can be signs of clogs, broken piping or frozen parts. We will thoroughly check your system and give you an honest path forward.

Unexpected Shut off

If your AC shuts off unexpectedly there’s a strong possibility that one of your overflow sensors is being tripped and causing the shut off. This is a good thing and it’s a safety feature! However, if your sensors are being tripped this means that something is wrong.

Poor blower strength

If the air flow coming from your vents is weak, there are a few reasons this could be happening. Some of those reasons might be:

  • Duct issues – a severed duct, a disconnected duct, etc.
  • An issue with your blower
  • Clogged duct
  • Intake issue

Warm or luke warm air

When you place your hand up to your air vent, you should feel noticeably cold air coming from the vent. If the air is not cold, then there’s a potential that you are having one of the most common issues: a thermostat issue, a compressor issue or a freon issue.

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